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The European Network of Coaches for Social Inclusion was designed and developed in English in order to provide a forum that would allow coaches from all over Europe an easily interactive channel to promote the exchange of methodologies, good practices and tools to explore and test innovative approaches to address social challenges.

The network

The European Network of Coaches for social inclusion was established as a forum for new methodologies and tools to explore, experiment and test innovative approaches to addressing social challenges Within this network, the coaches, sports instructors and stakeholders of the sector involved will be able to find good practices, indications, advices to promote the social inclusion of children and young adults through sporting practice. 


The institution of F++ European Network for Social Inclusion allow partner organisation to collect, analyse and discuss comparable knowledge across European countries, convert it into concrete action points, and disseminate the knowledge to politicians, sports professionals and sports volunteers. Specifically, the European Network of Coaches will allow:    The promotion of best practices in all participating Member States in order for EU citizen to benefit from the state-of-the-art best practices  Focus on cross-border threats in order to reduce risks and mitigate their consequences.

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